Sunday, March 14, 2010

here comes the bride

This weekend our friends Robin and Matt came for a visit. Normally I wouldn't let anyone stay the weekend in our house in this condition (extremely messy!), but 1) they don't really mind and 2) Robin asked me to go wedding dress shopping with her! How could I say no to such a request?

Saturday morning Robin and I headed over to David's Bridal for our appointment. Unfortunately it was not the memorable experience I had hoped for her. The consultant was not there to help us and cater to her needs. She was there to get the biggest commission she could possibly get. Robin had informed her of her wants and price point and she brought out dresses nearly $200 over her budget. At one point she even left us to tend to another girl. I was tired of dealing with her mess so I went to the dress racks myself. I ended up pulling the dress that Robin wanted. it was even $100 under her budget!

Next were the bridesmaids' dresses. Robin again told the consultant her criteria and again she didn't listen. I noticed her slip a dress into the pile that we had not picked out and of course it was the most expensive one of them all. Either way we ended up with this little number:

The color is horizon and I'm pretty excited about it. It fit me perfectly and could actually be worn again. I definitely didn't have that kind of luck with the last bridesmaid dress I had to purchase. It's currently at a consignment shop now and I'm hoping it will be sold as a prom dress.

We brought lunch back for the boys from Rush's (yummmm). They has been working hard on the pool. That's definitely something we now have that we know nothing about. Figuring out the pool will certainly be interested. The cover is off and the water is surprisingly clear. We'll see how it goes from there.

All of us took a trip to the home show at the fair grounds downtown. It was much larger than the last one Danny and I went to. We found some roofers to give us quotes and a place that builds chimneys so we can change out the lovely brass (gag) gate on the fireplace. 

Danny and Matt decided to mount the tv and the shelves for the electronics that night starting around, oh, 10 o'clock. Danny is the most productive once the sun goes down. Sometimes it can be extremely annoying, but since he had Matt to help, I could just sit on the couch and say, "a little to the left." I feel like I'm at the movie theater in my own living room now because the tv is so high. It's going to take a little getting used to, but I like it.

Today was extremely productive even though I woke up feeling the opposite. With the time change I felt like I was wasting the day somehow. Danny, Robin, and Matt went to the old rental house to pick up two air compressors we had accidently left in the pump house and drop off the rugs we had in the hallway there. Since the new house is all carpet we didn't need them and were just going to throw them away, so we offered them to Tim and Lynn. They just fit so perfectly in the hallway and cover the sander marks where they went against the grain of the wood.

I cleaned up the craft room and got it ready for painting. The ugly green and grey blocks on the wall will soon be gone! We also moved all of the boxes stacked in the shop up into the attic where they belong. I did decide to put all over our tailgating/camping items in the storage room where the ice chest is to give us easier access to it all. It ended up fitting in there quite nicely. This way when football season approaches we can keep everything close by without having it clutter up the house.

To end the day Danny picked up chinese food and plugged in the new blue ray player. I wasn't happy about him buying the blue ray at first because I just didn't see the point, but I have to say the clarity is just phenomenal. I really didn't think I would notice a difference, but I really did.

If you've made it to the end of this post without wanting to scream at me for being so boring - congrats!! Give yourself a cookie.

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  1. Love that bridesmaid dress! It's really cute!

    And hooray for a craft room!! :)