Wednesday, March 31, 2010

goodness gracious, cake balls of fire!

Last night I attempted my very first batch of cake balls for my spring lunch at work (apparently you can't say Easter lunch these days...being pc is so annoying). They aren't very pretty but they tasted good. I made strawberry cake with strawberry icing and white chocolate on top. I originally bought this combo for a baby shower (it's a girl!) but didn't have time to make them since we happened to be moving the weekend before.

before the chocolate

melty, melty

told you...not pretty

the presentation made them look a little less...sloppy

Luckily they were a hit at work, even if "cake balls" is a funny name in a fifth grade kinda way.

Outfit of the day:

jacket - Ann Taylor (2009)
pink top - Gap (2009)
jeans - Banana Republic (2010)
shoes - Tribeca Now & Ten via (2009)

Those shoes have become my favorites. I wear them all. the. time and now the soles are starting to peel away from the tops. You can't tell too much since they're all black. Either way I'm on the hunt for some more flats. They need to have the elastic sides so they'll stay on my poor lopsided feet. Suggestions?


  1. Hey lady, I thought I might give you a tip. To get the clean look for a cakeball, melt the chocolate in a small but deep bowl. Freeze the balls for about 30 minutes then use spoons to roll them around in the chocolate. Then lift them out and put them on a cookie sheet in the fridge to set up. This will give you that smooth shell. Good luck, they certainly look yummy!!!!