Tuesday, March 30, 2010

take me back tuesday: cheerleading

Way back when (6th grade maybe?) I was a cheerleader...for one season. Our school didn't have a lot of money for the program so we teamed up with other schools in the area and still didn't have a lot of money. The uniform consisted of skirts from the 1980s and football jerseys that had "Cheerleader" on the back. Classy. I had always dreamed of being a cheerleader but there were some things that I hadn't taken into account:

1) I wasn't loud - at all
2) I couldn't tumble, heck I couldn't do a cartwheel (still can't)
3) football season in Massachusetts is cold

I'm pretty sure I fussed the whole season that it was cold and the teacher kept yelling at me to be loud and I could have sworn I was being loud! Like I said, I lasted one season and went back to only doing dance class.

I really like today's outfit, but I'm noticing the pants are not helping conceal my thunder thighs even though they have vertical stripes. More incentive to start walking around the neighborhood (as soon as I finish making the house look pretty), Also, yay for pretty hair!

jean jacket - Gap (2005)
white top - Banana Republic (2009)
navy tee - Target (2008)
striped pants - Gap (2009)
shoes - Naturalizer via Zappos.com (2008)
bracelet - gift from hubs via Tiffany's (2010)

Last night I finished organizing all of my craft things. I really wanted to start scrapbooking right then and there. I'm definitely resisting since I have other priorities (such as cleaning the rest of the house), but as soon as the party is over you bet your butt I'll be in that room catching up on all of my projects.

Tonight I will be taking a break from house stuff and instead attempting to bake my very first batch of cake balls! Wish me luck! I'll post pictures if they look decent enough.


  1. Those pants are way cute!

  2. aww, LOVE this old pic!!! gotta love the glory days!

    and i'm loving those shoes you have on today!

  3. ohhh so cute!

    those pants look so adorable!
    you look great! <333