Monday, March 22, 2010

house update

The hubs and I have been busy little beavers working on putting together our house. This weekend we got a lot accomplished!

Living room:
Danny working on putting the sound system in. All of the wires were run and the speakers were installed. Next step is to bring power closer to the shelves with all the stuff on it (i.e. dvd player, cable box, sound system receiver, wii, and play station) so we can tuck all the wires away and hide them.

I finished painting the dvd rack black and put all the dvds in it. It looks so much better black versus the fake brown wood grain that it was before

Kitchen/Dining room:
Danny switched the dining room lights and put up the brushed nickel ones we like.

The kitchen is all organized except for the bar counter top. It's still covered in a hot mess. My mom is giving us two counter top height chairs for our bar. Just need to go pick them up!

Craft room:
I have the first coat of paint on all the walls and I love it. It's pink! Two walls are a very light tan/pink and the other two walls are a dusty rose. I can't wait to set up all of my craft stuff in this room. It will be my very own sanctuary.

Guest room:
The guest room is pretty much done except for wall hangings. It looks really plain right now, but I'm sure some pictures will spruce things up.

Master bedroom:
Ugh this room hasn't changed much. We decided not to use the cubby hole piece of furniture. I have no other name for this piece. It's literally 9 cubby holes that I had baskets in. There's built in shelves in the room and the baskets fit perfectly in there, so we're giving the cubby hole frame to my mom. She's going to use it to display pieces in her antique shop.

The cable needs to be fixed and the wall paint needs to be touched up. The previous owners had a tv mounted in the corner of the room. The cable connection comes out of a hole at the top corner of the room and when they took the mount down it peeled off all the paint.

The curtain rod needs to be installed in the hall bath because it's a curved rod that is mounted to the wall. The other bath has been taken over by the animals. I decided to put the over the toilet shelves in the big bath and load it up with all of the animal goodies - shampoo, treats, toys, medicine, etc. The litter boxes are in this bath and Ella's crate is in the shower. I know this seems really odd but it's a huge walk in shower and Ella kept tinkling in her crate. If she has an oops we just have to spray it off and it goes right down the shower drain. Luckily she hasn't had an accident in awhile. I'm hoping she's almost broken of this bad habit.

I think that's about it for what we've got going on. There is still plenty to be done and time is ticking away until our house warming party!

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  1. Gosh - I'm tired just reading about all that work! I'm sure it will look fab when it's done. Nothing is better than getting your own nest in order.