Tuesday, March 9, 2010

take me back tuesday: finally!

Well look who's back on track with take me back tuesday -- this girl! My house may still be in shambles but I managed to get you a little tid-bit. Below is a picture of the birthday where I got my very first pair of rollar blades...hot damn!

I love this picture for two reasons:
1) the skates were pink and purple which were my fav colors (pretty much still are)
2) look at the little cheese monster that is my brother in the bottom right-hand corner...bwahahaha!

So here's a little weekend recap. I was going to post it last night but got distracted. Surprise, surprise.

Friday evening after Danny and I got home from work we arranged the furniture in our living room to see if this particular couch we have our eyes on will fit properly. It ended up looking like it was going to be the perfect size. We moved everything out of the way and shoved the Christmas decorations into the attic. They had been piled in a corner in the living room since day one of move in.

That evening we went down town for a friend's birthday and had some drinks to celebrate. We didn't stay out too late though because we had lots planned for Saturday. It was nice to catch up with some friends we hadn't seen in awhile.

Saturday we went and got the couch! We bought it from Whit-Ash downtown and had them scotchguard it for us. They wrapped it up all nicely in plastic and loaded it into our trailor. Getting it off the trailor and into the house was quite the sight I'm sure. It was just Danny and I trying to wrestle the pieces through tight doorways. I kept dropping it and getting my hand caught. At one point I looked at Danny and exclaimed, "This is heavy! And I'm a wimpy girl!" He busted out laughing. We did manage to get it all inside though. No pictures yet because I don't want y'all to see the mess.

We headed to Greenville after the couch wrestling and were going to go to a fabric store in Iva that's only open once a month but has fabulous deals. Unfortunately we weren't going to make it in time so instead we headed for another fabric store near the BMW plant. We were able to agree on fabric to recover the headboard in our bedroom and to make matching curtains. One of the many projects that will be on my list I'm sure. We're planning to go back to the Iva store next month to get fabric to make slip covers for the old couch and the oversized leather chair my parents gave us.

Saturday evening we met up with our friend Neil for his birthday dinner before going to the Blind Horse Saloon. He picked Brixx to eat at and I totally recommend it. It's a pain on the location in Greenville, but extremely yummy once you get there. Line dancing at the Blind Horse had always been one of my favorites. The only thing that would have made the night better would have been if my bestie was there.

Sunday I finally got my car cleaned. There is an amazing car wash right down the street from Danny's parents' house. I just haven't been able to find anything comparable where we live. I'm a spoiled brat when it comes to my car. In the three years that I've owned it, I've never washed it myself. I attempted to once or twice but only got as far as vacuuming out the inside.

We loaded up the car and headed to the Gaffney outlet mall to visit a friend of Danny's who is the manager at Banana Republic. He also let me do a little shopping while we were there. Hooray for much needed new jeans! All-in-all a pretty fantastic weekend.


  1. i had those same rollerblades!!! LOVED them! i seriously thought i was so cool... at least until my mom made me wear those wrist guards!

  2. What a precious wee one you were! Also, rollerblades were the BOMB! I remember the feeling of getting my first pair!