Thursday, March 25, 2010

outfit of the day

I've never posted an OOTD before, but I've always admired those who do. I love seeing others sense of style and how they pair pieces together. Kate at ITPitB always has great outfits and she has inspired my outfit today. While it's not a Lands' End Canvas cardigan, it's still a cardigan.

I also feel super skinny today. Normally these type shirts work against me and I look prego, but somehow today is different...well maybe there's a smidge of a pooch.

pink cardigan - Express (2005)
top - New York & Co. (2004)
pants - Gap (2009)

Everything is "last season" because I have been a good girl and haven't revamped my waredrobe in awhile. I wait for sales and coupons! What's your fashion inspiration?


  1. haha. I like that blog too but I don't have one of those fancy phones to get the bathroom pictures. :)

  2. You live in Irmo? One of my bff's lives there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. good post! You should do more of these ootd. they are always so fun.