Monday, March 29, 2010

holy productive weekend batman!

This weekend was jam packed with lots of "doing" and it felt great to get so much done! Before I get into all that though, I present my outfit of the day. I had totally planned on straightening my hair this morning, but I was so tired I couldn't force myself out of bed before 7:45 and I have to leave the house by 8:15, so my apologies for the lack of fancy-pants hair.

wrap cardigan - Old Navy (2009)
purple long sleeve top - Gap (2010)
jeans - Gap (2010)
necklace - store in Atlanta (??)

Back to this past weekend. Friday night we went to see Jeff Dunham. He was hilarious. I had such a good time and laughed so hard. Although, at the beginning he seemed a little off to me...almost drunk or high or something. Both hubs and mom said they didn't notice anything so I guess it was just me.

We had decided to ride the bike since it was nice out. No problem getting there, problem trying to get home. The bike wouldn't start and after repeated attempts of rolling it downhill to start, we called our friend Jeremy to come to the rescue. A new battery was ordered the very next day.

Saturday and Sunday were spent working on the house. Things we accomplished:

  • Hubs cleaned the pool and got the filter working.
  • I finished painting my craft room! I set up the day bed and put the dresser where I want it. We have to go to my parents' house to take back one of the tables we had stored there. I started organizing all my crafting supplies, but haven't finished quite yet.
  • Hubs finished putting all the wires for the tv and such in their place. He still has to rerun cable and internet.
  • We moved the yard sale pile into the attic for the time being.
  • We demo-ed the old tv stand once we realized how crappy it looked and no one would want to pay money for it.
  • Hubs took all of the paintings and pictures out of the boxes so we can start hanging them on the walls.
  • Hubs finished painting another bookcase black and put it under the tv shelves. I loaded it with the rest of the movies and video games.
  • We put the green rug that used to be in our old living room under the dining room table. It looks nice and will help protect the wood floors from scratches.
  • I did laundry AND put it away. (I'm famous for doing laundry and then waiting another week before it gets folded.)
  • Hubs put another bookcase we had in the guest room and I loaded it with all of our books.
  • I broke down all of the empty boxes and hubs took them to work to recycle.
We're down to two weekends before the party and this weekend coming up is a three-day one. The house is definitely coming together and I'm getting very excited about showing it off!


  1. definitely sounds like a productive weekend!! and i'm so jealous you get to wear jeans to work!

  2. We love Jeff Dunham! Love your necklace!