Friday, March 26, 2010

I think my grandmother had a blouse just like that...

So because I had one person (thanks Kimber Doll!) say they like my OOTD post and I should do it again, I'm doing it again. The hubs likes to refer to this top as the "grandma blouse" because he thinks it looks like something his grandmother wore way back when. I don't care what he says. I like it.

top - Belk (2008)
jeans - Gap (2009)

Tonight we're going to go see Jeff Dunham. I'm pretty darn excited. I need some good belly laughs. Work has been pretty draining on my energy. I need a refill and I think some comedy will do just the trick.

The plans for this weekend are to finish painting my craft room and get everything set up and organized in there. Once that is done a lot of other things can move into place. I've been making a yard sale pile but with the timing on everything the yard sale is going to happen after the house warming party. Everything will be stashed in the attic until then.

Danny brought home a small bookcase from his parents' house. I measured it and it will fit perfectly in our living room. We're painting it black to match everything else. It'll be perfect storage in a little nook in the room. We also need to finish getting the tv and all the wires put up. Hopefully that will be accomplished this weekend as well. Only 3 weekends left to finish everything before our party!


  1. I like that top too. :) It's really cute.

    And I like these posts to - so let's keep seeing your pretty face!

  2. What do boys know? I like it. If guys know about fashion, then they probably play for the wrong team and you wouldn't be with him anyways.