Monday, April 5, 2010

three day weekend

This lucky girl had a three day weekend and it was glorious. Of course it went by all too fast, but it was wonderful (and productive) nonetheless. I love crossing things off my to do list!

Friday I had the house to myself. While I had the day off, hubs did not. I did manage to get some things done but not as much as I wanted. I stayed in bed till 10 and then walked around the block for the very first time. I actually started being productive around noon. What I accomplished:
  • patched holes in the walls of the kitchen, dining room, and living room
  • found the paint to touch up the patched holes
  • realized I painted the kitchen the wrong color, twice, and then noticed we did not have the correct paint
  • saw that the touch ups in the dining room and living room looked funny even though it was the correct paint
  • tried to fix it
  • got frustrated and gave up on it looking normal
  • hung two curtain rods
  • ironed the curtains to go on the rods which led to...
  • ironing clothes I had been avoiding for a week (or two)
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • made dinner
Danny and I went out for drinks with friends that evening. It was fun, as always, and I even got a bit dressed up.

green top - Banana Republic (2010)
pink cami - New York & Co. (2007)
jeans - Gap (2010)
pink shoes - Sperry Marions via (2010 - being returned, after I took the picture I realized I didn't like them as much and they fit funny...changed into pink Rainbows)

Saturday we didn't get moving until late. We started making lists of things we need to get done and what we need to purchase to finish it all. I decided it was time to do our big Lowes trip and use the coupons and gift cards we had been saving. Three hours later we had purchased $300 worth of stuff for $88! Hooray for being savvy.

I began trying to decide on where I want all of our pictures hung. This is no easy task. Our rental house had a lot more wall space and now I feel like we have entirely too many pictures. I must have swapped things around for a good hour. I didn't start pounding any nails that night because I wanted to let things sink in. Yes I'm that kind of decorator.

Sunday we got up for church, pulled into the parking lot, and saw on the sign out front that service had been held at 7am...oops. We hadn't gone to church last week because we've been working on the house, so we missed the memo about a sunrise service.

We came back home, changed, and worked on the house. Danny put up a new light near the side entrance and changed the side door from one having lots of glass to a solid. (I'm not big on glass doors since they're so easy to break in to.)

I actually started to hang pictures on the walls. They look pretty decent so far. I haven't finished everything but I've put pictures up in the dining room, living room, hallway, and craft room. There was a shadow box in the hall bath with a garden scene in it. I ripped that apart and began to replace it. I promise I will post pictures when everything is finished for the party (but not before)!

We went to my parents' house and spent Easter on the lake. Nothing like eating ham sandwiches and taking a nap in the sun. We did this last year and it's looking like a new Easter favorite. We're not a very "traditional" type family if you hadn't noticed haha.

How was your Easter?


  1. You make me jealous for being so productive :) And I'm definitely jealous of the three day weekend. Can't wait to see pics of the house!

  2. Hi there! Glad you had such an amazing (and productive) weekend! And, btw, comment on my blog -- you actually made my heart stop for a minute. Think I am done with the babies (though, you never know ...) Happy Easter Monday ... hope the rest of the week goes well!