Wednesday, April 21, 2010

welcome home wednesday: laundry room and kitchen

My very first installment of welcome home wednesday! I know y'all are just dying to see our new house with as much as I've been talking about it. Now that it's all clean and put together I'm ready to show the world. Well at least the blog world.

Let's start with the side entrance into the laundry room.
The view as you come through our side door into the laundry room.

My gorgeous red GE washer and dryer. I seriously love them. I keep a fleece blanket on top so they can't get scratched. The kitties adore sleeping up there especially when the dryer is on.

I'm all about being organized. A place for everything and everything in its place. I use the cabinets above the washer and dryer to hold all of our cleaning products. I also have a dry erase calendar to keep track of our busy, busy lives.

The view of the laundry room from the doorway in between it and the kitchen.

The view of the kitchen from the doorway in between it and the laundry room.

Our beautiful new Whirlpool fridge. The previous owners took their fridge with them so we had to get a new one. So far I love everything about it.

You might notice the two tea makers on the counter. We like our sweet tea and probably go through a pitcher a day. The Coca-Cola curtain was made by my mother-in-law and the Coca-Cola appliance cover (over my red Kitchenaid mixer) was a Christmas gift from the hubs. All of my kitchen appliances are red and most are Kitchenaid. 

The original dishwasher, range, and microwave were all white. Since I wanted a stainless fridge I had to get matching everything else. The microwave and range are Whirlpool, but the dishwasher is Kitchenaid. We were able to sell the old white ones in less than 24 hours for exactly what we were asking for them

We're lucky enough to have a bar counter top and the two chairs came from my lovely mom. You can see that the kitchen opens up directly into the dinning room. 

This wall divides the kitchen/dinning room space from the living room space. I love all of the display space and quickly filled it with many of my Coke things. There's also desk space where I keep my lap top and red stool. You also might notice my Coke housewife apron hanging on the wall to the right, below the Coke bottle opener. And yes I sometimes wear the apron as I make dinner.

A close up of the desk space. The red Coke circle in the top left of the picture is actually a phone. My parents found it at a flea market and even though we don't have a land line, I just had to display it.

I also love that I have a designated space to put all of my cookbooks and glassware. In our old house the cookbooks were stacked on the microwave and countertop, not pretty.

That's the first look at our house. Next Wednesday I'll show y'all the dining room and perhaps the living room. I haven't yet decided how long I want to stretch this series out. Let me know if there's something else you want to see in my kitchen or laundry room. Don't be shy!


  1. I love it! So much storage in the laundry room and kitchen - that is awesome! And the red accents look great with the white cabinets. I am longing for the day that I can have a bookshelf for my cookbooks as well. :)

  2. Your house looks wonderful! And I love, love, love the red washer and dryer ... really (is that odd? that is something I never would have imagined myself saying ten years ago?) Nice job decorating, it really looks like "home." Look forward to seeing the rest of the place!

  3. your house is so purty!