Tuesday, April 6, 2010

take me back tuesday: 4h

While I was never in 4H myself, I had a cousin who was. The family would often go to the fair to support her as she showed her goats and cows and sometimes I got in on the action. I also had a couple of classmates who showed fluffy bunnies.

Instead of rolling my shorts a million times like girls do now to show a little leg, I just pulled them up as far as I could. Don't you love the keds?

I still remember taking this picture. The girl on the left is Ruth, the girl in the middle is Jill, and the girl on the right was pulled into the picture because my grandmother felt bad for her. None of us knew who she was.

Below is a sneak peak at something in our house only because I had to show you what we found this morning.

These are the built in shelves in our bedroom.

and this is what we found this morning! No idea how Sophia got up there and into the basket without knocking anything over. She was quite content sleeping in the basket with hubs' boxers haha.

Outfit of the Day: hello spring, I think I love you
jean jacket - Gap
dress - Belk
(I'm giving up on trying to remember when I bought stuff)

I didn't post yesterday's OOTD because I felt that I looked like a hot mess. Hubs (proving he reads my blog -- hiiiii!) said I should post every day no matter what because he didn't think I looked like a hot mess...bwahaha! Love him. He has also declared that this dress does not make me look prego like most of my other dresses. Score.


  1. cats are so light on their feet you just never know where you might find them!

  2. Oh man, I think I need to have you around to help me with my wardrobe b/c I reallllly suck at dressing myself. In fact, I may need to do a post about this...hmm...I'm inspired. Thanks!!

  3. I was the PRESIDENT of our 4-H club.


    And I wore those shorts and Keds with slouch socks.


  4. You are dressed perfectly for spring! Love it.

  5. Love that outfit! So cute and Spring-y!

  6. That dress is super cute! :)