Thursday, April 8, 2010

it's almost friday

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I definitely live for the weekends these days. Work is so stressful. I want, no need, a vacation. Guess Saturday and Sunday will have to do.

I've been stalking Zappos lately yearning for new shoes. You might have noticed some beauties on my wish list. As I was clicking through all the pages and pages of shoes I suddenly remembered Tom's. I'd heard good things about these shoes so I headed over to their web page.

Today happens to be their One Day without Shoes event. They encourage people to go one day, today, without wearing shoes so you are aware of just how much we can take for granted something as simple as a pair of shoes. The other amazing thing about Tom's? For every pair of  shoes that are purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need. Ah-may-zing!!!! I was immediately compelled to purchase a pair of shoes. Now I'm desperately awaiting the arrival of these lovelies:

I'm so excited! Also, I've been barefoot since I got home. Gotta support a great cause!

Topic Change: Is it weird that watching 16 and Pregnant makes me want to have a baby? I have quite the stockpile of 16 and Pregnant episodes on my DVR, so I've been having a mini marathon tonight. For some reason, watching this junk makes me want a baby of my own. Weird. Yes. I know.

Outfit of the Day: naked toes!

orange top - Belk
jeans - Gap
earrings - gift from mom
sandals - Belk

Please excuse my naked toes. It's been forever since I've gotten a pedicure. I believe I'm a bit overdue. A cute color would at least distract some from my ugly broken foot. As you can see it's all sorts of smaller and differently shaped from my other foot. Stupid car accident*. 

*For those of you interested, here's my story. If you're not interested click on over to the next blog. I won't be offended. I promise.

On May 28th, 2004 I graduated from high school and on May 29th around 1 o'clock in the morning I was in a life changing car accident. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I was not drinking, partying, and getting nasty with some boy in a back alley. I was a goodie-goodie. I had gone out to dinner with friends and stayed out late celebrating our biggest life moment (well - at the age of eighteen). 

As I was driving home, some guy decided that a red light was only a suggestion, blew through the intersection, and t-boned me. Since I saw him coming I was stepping on the brakes, hard, to try and slow down as much as I could before we hit. Little did I know this was about the worst thing I could do. The impact of the two cars hitting went directly to my right ankle and shattered it. I don't mean broke into a couple of pieces. I mean shattered like dropping your favorite piece of china on a cement floor.

I was in the hospital for a week, sent home for a week because I was too swollen for surgery, came back for the surgery, and woke up with an external fixator instead. WARNING: Don't click on the link if you have a weak stomach. It's a cartoon drawing of one, but still gross.

After some time in my torture device I went back and had the surgery for reals. I spent the entire summer in bed wasting away, like literally. My right leg is still smaller than my left leg from lack of use. I was also the skinniest I'd ever been. Six years later, my body is heading back in the direction of where it wants to be. Sads.

Months later my doctor finally told me that I was one lucky girl because they almost had to amputate. As in CUT! MY! FOOT! OFF! That's pretty dang scary. So after spending my first semester at Clemson on crutches, years in physical therapy, and a second surgery to get rid of bone spurs I'm sometimes a bit bitter about my foot. 

I love shoes, LOVE, but it's very depressing. My broken foot is smaller than my normal foot, about 1.5 sizes smaller, plus I have a high arch on the broken foot and a fallen arch on the normal foot. The heel of my broken foot rolls over to the right side and curves in slightly. Ugh.

Things I can't wear:
shoes without straps
slip on flats 
peep toes
kitten heels

Things I can wear:
tennis shoes (but I have to change them every six months)
flip flops (ehhh really shouldn't but do anyway)
sperry top siders
flats that have the elastic sides so they stay on the broken foot
mary janes (and then I look like I'm five)
t-strap heels (have two pairs)
riding boots (great for fall/winter but it's spring now!)

I get shoe envy when I watch the opening credits of The Devil Wears Prada and any episode of Sex and the CIty. 

And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.


  1. First of all - I don't think Mary Janes make you look like your 5. I think they're cute. :)

    Second of all - I love your Vera collection and wanted one for myself - but the hubs wouldn't be thrilled. We have so many luggage bags and I have several purses.. le sigh.

    Third of all - I am going to Iva today to scope out that fabric store. I've been looking forward to this for a month!!!

    Hope you have a super-fantastic weekend!

  2. Aww you poor thing! I always wondered how people with different sized feet handle shoe shopping!

  3. Wow!!! I know it may not help, but I really do know how frustrated (and bitter) things like this can make us. I (and close family members) have experienced things like this that have forever dibilitated (sp?) us and its extremely hard. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!! And hang in there. It sounds like you have a wonderful life with a wonderful husband and I'm sure after being in such a serious accident you feel blessed everyday.

  4. I have been debating over buying those EXACT pair of Toms. I know its for a good cause so I should just buy them...but definitely let us know what you think of them once they arrive!

  5. Wow - that's terrible! Poor you and your restricted shoe choices. But it could have been worse, right? You deserve monthly pedicures (feel free to tell your husband I said so) then at least your bad foot would always look pretty.

  6. I am almost always barefoot, so does that make me an almost philanthropist? Didn't think so. I do think that if I almost lost my foot and God let me keep it, it would be most favorite foot ever. It's your miracle foot.