Monday, April 12, 2010

so I'm a bit dramatic and my husband is awesome

This weekend was seriously crazy. We worked on the house and I had a yard sale with my friend Allison. I made $200 y'all! Of course that's not the crazy part. The crazy part happened Saturday night.

On Fridays we've been meeting up with friends at Miyabi's for drinks. Since we missed this Friday, we met up on Saturday instead. The drinking started at 7:30 like it normally does. The reason we like to go to Miyabi's is because we know the bartender and she pours us triple drinks. Normally I have about two drinks and I'm done for the evening. I believe I had about 4 or 5. Not good.

I got sick in the bathroom and the bartender had to come in after me, got sick in the parking lot, cried because I got sick in front of strangers, made Danny pull over twice on the way home, screamed at him because he was touching me, got sick till I was dry heaving, and then passed out all before 10:30. I may be a bit dramatic when I get drunk. The hubs was of course laughing the whole time, which just made me hate him more.

Sunday I woke up hung-over with a headache and mystery bruises all over me. I don't think I'll be drinking again for awhile.

Here's another sneak peak at our house. I just had to post this one because I'm so happy how it turned out. The hallway used to be wallpapered with grandma flowers below the chair rail. We ripped out the flowers and put up bead board. We took a risk and bought blue paint from the oops pile at Lowes and I am in love! Hubs did an amazing job putting it all together.

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