Thursday, April 29, 2010

new make-up

I feel like I'm in a make-up lull. I wear the same thing day after day. It works for me, but I am a girly girl so I like to feel pretty. This past weekend I was browsing around Target (for an hour and a half) and found myself in the make-up aisle.

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. The millions spent on market research on how to make a product sell -- works on this girl. I was immediately attracted to NP Set. Sadly the packaging is the only part I like about the product.

Pasarella Powder Foundation
works like any other foundation I've ever used - no miracles, just takes the shine off my face

Baked Powder in Blush Set
it's extremely light and subtle - I felt like I had to put too much on for it to be seen on my skin, overall ehh

Eye Palette in Cairo
it comes with a brown, coral, and white -- looks shimmery and pretty but just like the blush is extremely light, couldn't even tell I had it on

Lip Stain & Plumper in Coral
I had high hopes for this one - big fat fail, it didn't stain my lips any sort of color and whatever is in it to "plump" your lips just made mine sting and feel like they were on fire
went straight into the trash

My Target trip wasn't a complete bust though. I came home with this:

I got mine in orange and white, but doesn't have a picture available so you'll just have to see the navy and use your imagination.

Alright ladies, make-up suggestions please!!!!

**NP Set did not endorse this review (obvs). Just my little ole opinion.


  1. I wear Bare Minerals (or Bare Escentiuals...or however it's spelled). Love it.

    As for blush - I've found that I have to get something that I think is going to be clown like for me to like it on.

    And for brown eyeshadow - I like the Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow collection (sold at Target). Two thumbs up.

    My other thing is I bought new brushes - so I don't use the things that come with the makeup.

  2. I can spend DAYS in the Target make-up aisle, but sadly (for the wallet), usually find things that work best at Sephora. Here's my recent faves: Sephora Mineral Wet/Dry Pressed Foundation ... kind of like the compact you have above, light and good for summer. Nars Blush in Orgasm (I know ... but the color is perfect). Smashbox O-Glow cheek/lip stain (until typing this, never realized all my makeup was R-Rated). And ... one more ... LipFusion lip plumper gloss. Stuff is expensive, but really works.