Saturday, April 24, 2010

outfits of the week

I decided that I will post a recap of all my OOTDs at the end of the week instead of day by day. I had planned to post this on Friday but drinks with friends at Miyabi's got in the way. No worries, it was not a repeat of the last time we went out. I had one drink. I was good.

jean jacket - Gap
navy floral dress - made by me!

I apologize for the beyond horrible picture. I didn't look this awful on my little blackberry screen. I would have retaken if I wasn't already in my jammies.

purple top - Belk
blue pants - Gap
necklace - New York & Co.
shoes -

Alright, now that I've taken the most awful picture for the second day in a row, I believe I need to attempt taking it somewhere else. Our bedroom has the only full length mirror, but the lighting is just horrible. Sorry y'all. 

white top - Banana Republic
jeans - Gap

red shoes - Tom's

My new shoes came in and they are soooo comfortable. I highly recommend getting a pair. You help give a pair to a person in need while enjoying their cushy goodness.

navy top - Gap
navy and white stripped pants - Gap
pink watch - Charming Charlie's

white t-strap heels - Naturalizers via

I felt super skinny in this outfit. I think it's the navy. Whatever is was there's a good chance you'll see this outfit again.

Casual Friday
red and white stripped top - Belk
jeans - Gap

This outfit is pretty plan jane. You're lucky I'm not wearing just a tshirt. Speaking of tshirts, work gave us another uber ugly safety tshirt. You'd think a printing company with seven graphic artists could come up with a better design. It looks like a really bad piece of clip art slapped on the back of a tshirt. The part that boggles my mind is how many people wear these things to work. Nearly everyone in the office was wearing this Friday. Ugh.

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