Monday, July 25, 2011

what's in a name?

The hubs and I decided a long time ago (before we even knew we were prego) that we were going to keep our baby names a secret. This actually wasn't a hard decision to come to for us, but I've definitely been asked why quite a bit. I feel like there are two main reasons.

Reason #1
Picking out a name was not easy for us. It had to be special, unique, not too hard to spell, not easily made fun of, badass (hubs' requirement), oh and we both had to like it. We spent lots of time suggesting and analyzing and picking apart names until we finally decided, "this is it...this is the one" and then it was still changed again after someone else used part of it.

After all that effort we didn't want anything to ruin it. People have opinions. It's in their nature and we understand that...but we don't care.

We don't want to know if you like it, love it, hate it, it reminds you of something, know someone with that name who was awesome, or know someone with that name who was awful. It doesn't matter to us. We especially don't want you to try and convince us to change it or question why we chose the name that we did.

His name is extremely special to us. That is what matters. That is what we care about. To us, he is already this little person with this unique name. We love his name and we love him.

Reason #2
It is so special to have something that the hubs and I can share just between us, if only for a little while. This secret brings us together as we lay dreaming about his future, discussing what his personality might be like.

When someone asks us what his name is we both smile at each other knowing what the other is thinking as we respond, "we are keeping it a secret until he is born." We are the only members of the name knowing club and we like it that way.

We did decide to reveal his initials. They are QRS. Since we live in the land of the monogram, we figured it was a fair compromise for those that first respond with, "but I want to give you a gift with his name on it!" Truthfully though, I wish we hadn't told even that little bit.

Now instead of reactions to the name, it is a constant guessing game. We have said over and over we won't tell you if you guess correctly and while it is sometimes fun to giggle at the guesses and frustration, it's also getting old. People just don't give up!

While I know there will still be comments and opinions after he has arrived, we hope the delay in knowing will lessen the amount. We hope people will take the time to understand how special he and his name is to us.

In 16 (give or take) weeks we will share our secret with you. We promise.
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  1. danny and desiree,
    I completely respect your decison not to tell anyone baby scales name untile he is born. The initials seem quite unique and that is great keep up the good secrets between the 2 of u it seems to be a great thing for the two of you congrats I can't wait to learn my new nephews name love y'all both ... great blog by the way.

  2. I think this is awesome that y'all have something to share just between the 2 of you....even if just for a little while! Although that does mean I will have to come up with another gift that does not require knowing his name! Because I refuse to give you an incomplete gift :)