Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the jig is up

The hubs and I have two cats. Waldo and Sophia. Waldo is the hubs' cat from college and Sophia is mine.

Sophia bird watching

Waldo curled up on our bed

For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Waldo you all know he is damn finicky. He is very independent and changes his mind constantly. One minute he is purring and rubbing up against you, the next minute his hisses, turns, and bites the hand that is petting him. There's never any rhyme or reason, that's just Waldo.

Recently he's been very lovey dovey and I do mean VERY LOVEY DOVEY. He wants to be held and cuddled and petted by me all-the-time. It's actually gone way past cute into just plain annoying. Waldo will follow me room to room reaching up my leg to try and get me to pick him up. He'll get under my feet as I'm walking tripping me up to get my attention. He'll crawl into my lap while I'm trying to eat, read, watch tv, fold laundry, write this blog post, anything!

All I can think is that he knows something is about to change. It's almost like he can sense that I have a baby inside me and he's not going to be top dog...err cat any longer. Any one else have cats that started acting weird when they got pregnant? Or is my cat the only one who knows the jig is up?

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  1. Our Lab has been acting this way (well, more than usual) for the past few months. I think he knows my affections will soon be quite limited. He's also a bit more protective of me than normal. It's quite sweet.