Saturday, July 9, 2011

bump progression

I'm not going to lie, I was eager to start taking bump pictures to see the changes. Unlucky Lucky for me, I didn't start showing for awhile. It has been fun to see my body changing as baby scales grows though. My mom joked that I should make a flip book, ha!

13.5 weeks: I was a little excited to start bump pictures even though nothing was happening

16 week: still no bump

17 weeks: there it is!

18 weeks: I was looking especially pregnant this day

19 weeks: looks like it's smaller than last week

20 weeks: halfway mark!

21 weeks: this week I'm starting to feel baby scales move

Fun facts about my pregnancy:

  • So far the second trimester has been a breeze. No more sickness and no more tiredness for this girl which I am very thankful for! 
  • I don't recall having any extremely rare food cravings besides the occasional hot dog or milk shake (not together) and I'm guessing this has helped in the weight gain department. 
  • During the first trimester I lost 4 pounds because of the morning all-day-long sickness and now I have put those 4 pounds back on giving me a gain of 0, woo!
  • This past week I have started feeling baby scales move. He likes to flip around right at bedtime when mommy has settled down for the evening.
  • Truthfully being able to feel him totally creeps me out, ha!
  • I've noticed it is a little uncomfortable to bend at the waist now, but I can still sit cross-legged and reach my toes for at home pedicures no problem.
  • Nothing else exciting to report!

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  1. Found your blog from Legally Fab's and I can SO relate to your comment to her about motherhood. I have little to no passion for my job and now that I'm expecting I truly hope I can find it in motherhood. Congratulations! When is your due date?