Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 weeks

Today marks 22 weeks into the pregnancy. It's a bit surreal to think I'm more than halfway done and we will soon be meeting our little baby boy.

This dress does a good job of showing off the bump. I've had it for years but would only wear it when I was feeling especially skinny since it clings to my stomach. Now that I've got a prego belly I don't mind the cling ha!

The only news to report is that I now feel Q (that's the first inital of his name btw) move all the time. He is seriously boogying down in my belly. I thought I read somewhere that they are supposed to sleep the majority of the day and then start squirming when you're ready to go to bed. Well not this little guy. He moves all day long!

I recently ordered some maternity clothes from Old Navy and Gap. They finally came in the mail today! I love getting packages in the mail. 

I now own a pair of maternity jeans! I've spent the last 3 casual Fridays in dresses or linen pants because I didn't have any jeans, but tomorrow will be a jeans day for me! I really love the way these fit. The full belly panel is very comfortable and I feel like the skinny cut makes my legs look lean.

In the above picture I'm also wearing this tshirt from Gap. It's super soft and only $4.99!

I couldn't resist getting this shirt. I really liked the little ruffle as well as the light lilac color. It'll look great paired with all of my orange jewelry.

This top was the last item I picked out. I thought it would be great to wear to work, church, showers, or maybe even maternity pictures. Hopefully now I have a little bit of everything and I can make the clothes last as long as possible.

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