Sunday, July 17, 2011

coke hummingbird feeder

Today I finally finished up a project that has been in the works for only two plus years ha! The hubs helped me turn two of my old coke bottles into hummingbird feeders. Here they are hanging on our front porch.

To make the feeder, the hubs took an i-bolt and a washer and glued it onto the end of the bottle. I had found the feeder tubes with the rubber stopper on Amazon.  After the glue set I just had to fill the bottle with red sugar water and plug in the stopper.

I just love the way the feeders look. It's like a little touch of vintage hanging from the porch ceiling. Hopefully the hummingbirds will actually drink from them.

While I was out hanging up the feeders I went ahead and put up our new flag {that we got as a present last Christmas haha}. Our previously Clemson flag was so faded that the orange and purple had turned pastel. The new one looks so pretty! 

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