Friday, July 22, 2011

pinnable me: vintage circus nursery

I'm linking up with Paw Prints & Pastry Bags for another Friday installment of pinnable me. Fair warning, this week is a long one for me.

I have a very opinionated husband. He claims that he doesn't care about most things but this is normally how a conversation goes:

me: I'm going to pick out new bedding (just for example), do you care what I pick?

hubs: Whatever you want babe...but not flowery, or girly, or stripes, or...

me: How about you come with me?

(later at the store)

me: Do you like this one?

hubs: ehhhh

me: This one?

hubs: Hmm it's ok...

me: I thought you said I could pick out what I wanted...*eye roll*

I knew deciding on nursery decor was going to be a challenge. I felt like nearly everything I picked out, he shut down, until one day I remembered a piece of scrapbook paper I had saved.

I showed it to the hubs and he liked it! We had our theme, vintage circus! Our main colors will be red, navy, and little touches of yellow. Below are some of the things that have inspired me.

We plan on painting the ceiling like this one, but with red stripes instead of blue

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

Love the striped curtains

Source: via Desiree on Pinterest

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  1. I found your blog through Pinnable me Friday, and I LOVE the nursery theme you've picked out! I can't wait to see it all come together.