Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm almost ready...

These days I've been in project overdrive! The reality of how fast Q's due date is approaching I believe has finally sunk in ha! While most of the projects can't be revealed just yet (they have his name on them!), there was one that I just finished that I can't wait to show off. 

I finished Q's coming home outfit! I made him an orange corduroy romper embroidered with a tiger paw and his name. I covered his name with a piece of newspaper so I could show yall the outfit. I'm so so happy with how it turned out especially since I didn't have a pattern. That's right, I made this one completely on my own! 

The shoulder straps have simple white buttons and the bottom has snaps for easy diaper changing. I plan on pairing it with just a simple long sleeve onesie and white socks. Our little tiger will look adorable!

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