Saturday, October 29, 2011

meeting miss abigail reese

On Tuesday, October 25th at 4:52pm one of my really good friends Allison gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Abigail Reese. I couldn't be happier for Allison and Randy. Their little bundle of joy is absolutely precious and gorgeous as well! 

Wednesday the hubs and I went to visit the Hodge family at the hospital. Of course I got to hold the sweet little bundle and little she is! Abigail was only 6lbs 13oz and 19" long...teeny!

The new mama and her little angel

I can't wait for all the future play dates between Abigail and Q. I'm also very excited to have Allison during this whole pregnancy/labor/new mommy stage in my life. It's been wonderful having someone to talk with, ask questions, and share stories. We have many new adventures ahead of us!

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