Monday, October 3, 2011

showered with even more love

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to have another beautiful shower thrown for me and Q by my mom. She did such a fantastic job. I was especially excited for this one since she let me help plan it. I just love party planning so she and I came up with the decorations, food, and activities together.

Shannon came to visit for the weekend and attend the shower. That morning we went to Octoberfest in downtown Newberry {more on that later} and then headed to my parents house for the shower. Everything was just perfect!

Shannon posing haha

We were going to line the walkway to the front door with these balloons but the wind had other ideas so we moved them inside.

The dessert table! Mom ordered lemon, carrot cake, and chocolate cupcakes as well as petit fours from Parkland Cakes. They were so delicious!

I took the picture before all the food was out, oops. Mom served mini lasagnas, olive penguins, bite size mac & cheese, and mini cups of veggies with dip.

I was finally able to use the gorgeous silver punch bowl my Aunt Michelle gave me. It held apple cider while the decanter held sweet tea and we used mason jars (with striped straws!) for the cups. 

Everyone was sent home with a goodie bag full of sweet treats!

Instead of playing shower games, my very creative mother came up with the idea of having everyone decorate a onesie for Q.

She purchased a variety of sizes and added iron on transfer designs to each. Everyone was able to color in the design with fabric markers.

Shannon and I didn't get to take a picture together at the last shower so we made sure to get one this time.

It was so cute watching everyone color their onesies. 

I can't wait to dress Q in all of these!

After some food and some crafting it was time to open presents!

So many goodies!

My mom spoils me rotten. The card said it was a present just for mommy. She got me the Kate Spade bag I had been wanting!!

He will be one very well dressed boy!

With all the craziness I didn't get to take pictures with everyone who came, but I did manage to get this one. Left to right - Bethany, Molly, me, Shannon, and Amy.

And the best picture for last, my mom and me! Thank you so much mom for hosting a gorgeous shower!

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