Thursday, October 6, 2011

bump & baby update: 34 weeks

Wow y'all, I'm at 34 weeks. I got an email today saying if Q was to arrive early he'd be just fine. While I don't want him to pop out quite this early, we're (semi) ready. He has clothes to wear, a place to sleep, and this past Sunday we purchased his car seat to take him home in.

This morning at work I was surprised with a baby shower. Everyone contributed towards a Walmart giftcard which is greatly appreciated. I'm sure it'll get used before he's even a week old haha. We also received some more adorable clothes, blankets, and lovies.

Another lovely thing about boss is letting me work from home in the afternoons. I honestly thought I would make it to the end no problem. Boy was I wrong. The achy-ness and tiredness have just slapped me across the face all of sudden. I guess the weight of this little bundle of joy is finally wearing on my body. It helps to be able to prop my legs up on the couch and lean against lots of pillows. I'm so very thankful work allowed this.

I took tomorrow off so the hubs and I are headed to Clemson early. Tomorrow his mom and I are sewing the crib bedding. I'm so excited that this will finally be finished. I've been putting it off for too long.

Saturday we're going to the Clemson homecoming game. Hopefully my one and only game will be a victory so the Tigers will be 6 and 0! We'll see...go Tigers!

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