Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just ask

I'm all about the purging right now, the purging of junk and unused items that it. I hate clutter. It bothers me when things overflow or don't line up perfectly.

This is driving me crazy:
the hubs basket to keep his keys, wallet, and every other possession in the world apparently till it's spilling its contents everywhere

Since I've been in this mood I've been collecting things around the house that I don't use and making a yard sale pile. My friend Allison is having a yard sale on the 11th before she moves into her rental house and she asked if I'd like to join. Heck yea!

I decided to go through my closet and pick through my clothes. I have half a bag to take to consignment when they start accepting fall clothes on the 18th. I tried to take them to Plato's Closet but apparently my Ralph Lauren button downs and Banana Republic tops are just too sophisticated for them.

While perusing the closet I fell upon my box of white Justin cowboy boots. I bought the boots to wear with my wedding dress but opted for flip flops instead. They've been sitting in the box for over two years, never worn and never even opened. That's when I had a thought. Maybe I could take them back to the store and ask for some sort of store credit.

The hubs needed new work boots so he took my brand-new-still-in-the-box boots to the store. He didn't think they would take them back seeing as they had been in my closet for so long, but miraculously, they gave him full price for them! If you live in the Columbia area and are looking for new boots, go to Pistol Creek. They are amazing!

Moral of the story: it never hurts to ask.

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  1. first of all, i am terrified of clutter. every time i see hoarders i end up running around my house and getting rid of everything that isn't too heavy for me to lift.

    secondly, yay money for old boots! i so often buy stuff and don't use it. i need to try this...