Tuesday, August 3, 2010

20 things about our beach trip

1. Just as I had predicted, our beach trip flew by way too quickly.

2. Also as I had predicted, I rented us a shanty, but not just a regular shanty. This one included Jesus books and a Virgin Mary figurine located next to the wine glasses.

3. It also included 5 cockroaches. I kept count even though Amanda told me not to.

4. The beach was lovely except for the time thunder roared, lightening struck, and God said "get off the beach!"

5. Oh and the jellyfish on Thursday. Luckily I did not get stung, just hubs and bestie.

6. Did you know you're supposed to put vinegar on a jellyfish sting? News to me...

7. I got a tan and lots of freckles came out to say hello. I love my freckles. I think hubs is glad I don't glow in the dark anymore.

8. Spoons is a brutal game especially when you play with two girls who have acrylic nails. No surprise that I always lost.

9. It is possible to cook for an entire week with only a small frying pan, a salad fork, and a pizza pan. Trust.

10. I did not buy any crap at the beach...except a pirate flag, and a couple t-shirts, and a pair of sunglasses...ok so I bought crap.

11. Charleston is my favorite city and I love riding through it on the motorcycle.

12. I could eat my weight in pralines, but we could only afford 1 lb.

13. I cheated on The Blind Horse Saloon with The Market Street Saloon. I even danced on the bar. Shhhh don't tell.

14. Did you know grown men still send over their friends to say hi to a girl for them a la 4th grade?

15. It happened to Megan.

16. Neil was nicknamed Fluffy the Man-child.

17. We climbed the Hunting Island lighthouse and it was totally worth going up 167 steps.

18. I still haven't finished my book 4% Famous, but I at least made a dent.

19. I want a pink beach house.

20. We've agreed to increase the beach trip budget for next year.

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