Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23rd

Since I had taken a shower tonight after working out (yippie for me!) I decided to try and attempt the perfect blow out on my hair. This was a big fat fail with less than desirable results. My hair was completely dry before I could even get the round brush in my hair correctly. How does anyone accomplish this task with only two hands?? After the attempt I ended up using my straightener to get out the kinks.

I've always lusted after celeb hair. I know they probably have stylists around them 24-7 but I can't help but thinking maybe, somehow, someway, I could have hair like theirs. Here are a few of my ultimate favs:

Jennifer Aniston

Lauren Conrad

Audrina Patridge

Gretchen Rossi

On a side note...I've lost 5 pounds! Hooray!


  1. I asked my hair dresser how to get the perfect blow out with my own two hands (because she does a pretty fantastic job). She said that it was pretty much impossible to do it on yourself. :(

    But if you figure it out - please let me know!

  2. ugh you just named all of my hair idols. I think Lauren Conrad takes the cake.

  3. I have wanted Jennifer A's hair for years! Unfortunately that perfect honey color would not go with my almost back Italian brows. Sigh.