Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12th

I love organizing! I do. I really enjoy separating, throwing away, donating, repacking, labeling and simplifying my things. With this being said, the mess of stuff in my hallway at home is driving me insane. As you know, Danny and I cleaned out my parents' attic of all of my childhood toys and mementos and stacked everything into our hallway. Ugh! Can you say pack rat?

As I've begun to open all of these boxes I can only laugh at the things I've kept. Why in the world would I keep some of this stuff?

high school art projects: I didn't like these "masterpieces" when I created them in the first place - trash
old clothes that have paint all over them: trash
left over notebooks from middle school: they only have a few unused pages in them - trash
winnie-the-pooh window clings: they have faded and melted into one big ball of goo - trash
candles: they were in an attic in South Carolina for 6 years - trash
pocketbooks, book bags, totes: from middle school days - donate
yard sale trinkets: I kept nearly every trinket my grandmother and I had ever picked up at a yard sale - donate

Our garbage is going to be overflowing this week, but it feels so good to purge all of this stuff. Now that I've gone through and separated into trash, donate, and keep I'm repacking all of the keep.

Barbies: I had forgotten just exactly how many I owned!
American Girl dolls: I have Molly and one you got to name yourself (I named her Christina if you're wondering)
stuffed animals: enough to fill a huge rubbermaid plus some (mom called and said she found two more boxes full of them)
children's books: my grandparents gave me all the classics
porcelain box collection: I need another china cabinet just to display these
my grandmother's china tea cups
a few figurines that have sentimental value

I'll be so excited when all of this is done. All of this organizing makes me want to dig into other closets and boxes and purge. I just hate having clutter!

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