Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 14th & 15th

This weekend was very laid back and relaxed. Since Danny didn't get home from work Friday night until 2 in the morning, I let him sleep in on Saturday. I tackled more of the mess in our hallway (that has now spread itself into one of the guest rooms). I nearly have everything organized. I now need to hall it all up into the attic and bring my donate pile to the shop in town. It took much longer than I wanted it to, but I feel a relief to purge all the unnecessary junk.

Saturday afternoon we went to a baby shower for my coworker and his wife. We ended up scooting out early because we were offered USC/Florida tickets last minute. I felt a bit guilty for doing this, but I knew keeping Danny at the shower was torture. Since the tickets were spur of the moment, I wasn't dressed properly for a football game. I had worn heels, cute heels, but heels nonetheless and my feet were not happy. We ended the day with dinner at Olive Garden, yum!

Sunday we went to one of Danny's favorite shows ever, the gun and knife show at the Jamil Temple. His latest gun lust is a pistol for me so we looked around for what I'd be comfortable with. This is what we found:

As far as guns go, it's pretty darn cute. Looks like I might be getting a pistol for Christmas.

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