Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10th

I've been looking at the J. Crew website and I'm falling in love with nearly everything. It's all so gorgeous, but so expensive. So I got to thinking...what if I could take the things I love at J Crew and find them somewhere else?

Here is what I've found:

J. Crew $98

NY & Co.  $39.95

J. Crew $178

Old Navy $26.50

J. Crew $58

Old Navy $26.50

J. Crew $68

Old Navy $24.50

So it seems totally possible to have the look of J. Crew on a budget. There is one particular tab on the website that I'm loving though -- the instant gratification tab. Everything on this page is under $100.

I'm also drooling over this coat... (totally not on the instant gratification page)

Anyone want to go shopping at the J. Crew outlet??

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