Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's taken seven months since we've moved into our new house, but I feel like we've fallen into a pretty good routine. The house isn't "finished" by any means, but it's settled enough that it feels like home. Since we live 5 miles from where I work, I'm able to go home during my lunch break. This is when I get all of my chores done. I fold laundry, vacuum, put away dishes, scrub bathtubs, and dust. It's amazing what I can get done in that hour all by myself. It's also the best feeling to come home in the evening and not feel pressure to clean something.

I leave work at 5 o'clock and pick up Quinn at daycare. We are home by 5:20 since daycare is on the path from work to home. Once inside baby boy goes into his high chair and I give him a finger food like cheerios and his milk. I'm able to feed the dogs and empty the daycare bag while he feeds himself. Then we move on to the "real" food which is normally leftovers I've pureed for him. He's now into trying to feed himself. I love how excited he gets but it makes meal time a bit longer.

He's normally "all done!" by 6 o'clock and we go into the living room to play. Stacking cups, blocks, and his Vtech walker are among the favorites right now. Quinn also loves to climb in and out of his Little Tikes cozy truck Memere and Grandpa gave him for Christmas.

At 6:30 it's bath time! He splish-splashes around for about 20 minutes and then it's into pjs and time for night-night. He still nurses at night and after a little rocking and snuggles he's normally asleep by 7:30.

It's nice to have some time with the hubs in the evenings. We make dinner together and catch up on our DVR in front of the fireplace. Sometimes I'll still need to stuff diapers so he'll help me finish a basket while we talk about our day.

Of course it can't always be routine when it comes to having a child. Around 8:30 last night we heard giggles and "Lalala!" coming from the nursery. So we tiptoed to his door and listened. Another giggle and "Tada!" came out. When we opened the door the little monster was jumping in his crib and singing to himself. Where does the energy come from??

I know we should have just left him alone to fall asleep but we couldn't resist playing just a little bit. The hubs bounced him around and gave him some squeezes and tickles before leaving. Baby boy and I sat in the rocking chair and I just soaked up the moment. Part of me wanted him to fall asleep so I could get myself to bed, but part of me was so filled with love every time he giggled behind his passy. I stroked his forehead watching his eyelids become heavy and his breathing slow down. He won't always want to rock with mama, so I should enjoy it while I can.

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