Friday, February 22, 2013

five friday confessions

  • I keep falling off the She Reads Truth bandwagon. It still counts if you keep trying, yes?
  • I get irrationally annoyed when we are out of the "pretty" post-it tabs at work. Standard colors just aren't as fun as the tropical assortment.
  • I'm trying to use the elliptical I have at home instead of getting a gym membership. I feel guilty putting Quinn in a gym daycare during the little time I have with him during the week. The elliptical at home can be easily done after he goes to bed. Just need to stick with it. 
  • I have been lurking on websites that are mind boggling to me. It's like watching a train wreck, but worse. It's so filled with hate I know I shouldn't look. 
  • I bought Quinn an Easter tote from Lands End {this one} and now I'm wishing he was old enough to do an Easter egg hunt this year. 

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