Monday, February 18, 2013

going home

This past weekend we decided to visit my parents. The hubs was meeting a friend to cut wood for their camping trip this spring and he also wanted to put up gutters on the garage at the Irmo house. He asked if I would like to spend the weekend at my parents' house instead of me staying at home with the baby and I excitedly agreed. We were going home for the weekend.

I had packed nearly everything up during my lunch break Friday so we were able to leave right around Quinn's bed time. I had already fed him and dressed him in his jam jams and we were on our way. I didn't really put much thought into his bed time routine. Mom and Daddy have a crib at their house so I just planed to transfer my sleeping baby when we arrived. Ha!

He woke up about 15 minutes before we arrived but had very sleepy eyes. Mom rocked him for about 10 minutes and then put him in the crib. He cried for about 10 minutes and then caved and all was quiet. I figured we would be fine after that. Instead this happened:

11:00pm - We all go to bed.
2:15am - Shiloh (one of our dogs) is pacing up and down the hardwood hallway {click click click click click go her claws on the floor} so I end up putting her in the craft room and locking her in with the baby gate.
2:20am - Quinn wakes up screaming bloody murder. I rock him and he instantly calms down. For the next hour any time I try to lay him down he starts screaming again.
3:30am - Mama to the rescue. She takes over the rocking duties and tells me to go back to sleep. I crawl into bed but I can hear him fussing through the walls every time she tries to lay him down.
4:00am - I cry to the hubs that I want to go home because the dog and the baby have lost their minds and I'm losing mine.
4:30am - Mom gets him back asleep in the crib {finally} and my stomach starts to gurgle.
5:00am - I emerge from the bathroom and get back in bed.
6:00am - The hubs' alarm goes off so he can get up to cut wood. He presses snooze.
6:09am - Alarm again.
7:15am - Baby is screaming again, but mom gets him.
8:00am - I give up on sleep and request a giant cup of coffee.

I realized my parents' home is no longer my home. While I love them dearly, the hubs and I have our own creature comforts and our own ways of doing things. It's weird when you finally realize something like this. I know I've been married for 5 years and living on my own for 9, but it really hit me this weekend that I'm an adult now haha.

Of course we still had plenty of fun even on very little sleep. We did stay the entire weekend and the next night Quinn only woke up at 1 and was back asleep by 1:30.

Cuddling with Memere...

...which lasted about 20 seconds before it was party time again!

I brought all sorts of toys for him, but Memere's pots and wooden spoons were more exciting.

They look like they're up to no good...

Bang! Bang! Bang with Grandpa!

Nap time Saturday afternoon was spent in my arms so on Sunday we decided to leave right at nap time and pray that he'd sleep during the ride home. Luckily he obliged! Quinn was out before we even got onto 26.

I love how his little thumb is inside the passy in this picture.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching the race with Daddy, playing with legos, and eating dinner at Cracker Barrel. I crashed as early as possible last night and I still needed a very large cup of coffee this morning. It was worth it though!

I love this picture even though it's blurry. He was so excited to color like a big boy!

How was your weekend?

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