Monday, February 25, 2013

pinterest versus real lifle

Let's face it, we all pin a million things on pinterest exclaiming how wonderful it would be to organize it just like that or paint it just like this. I'm super guilty of it. I finally followed through on one of my pins and decided to link up with AP's Hey, that's Pin-tastic!

i love you more than carrots

So here is my inspiration pin:

When I first saw this floating around pinterest, I knew it was the perfect solution to my ribbon dilemma as well as my over-flowing wrapping paper bin. The craft room {slash office} has been neglected long enough. I'm ready to have my space to create therefore I need to start organizing everything. I want to remove the old wallpaper and paint the room so I first have to pull everything out. I've been trying to organize as I move everything to the guest room temporarily. 

While I'm very pleased with the end result, you can clearly see it's not quite as pretty as my pin. A couple things to mention: 

Apparently there are two different width baskets available at The Container Store. I was so excited to order everything that I didn't catch this and ordered the 13.75" ones instead of the 17.125" ones. Oops!

Also, I have spools of ribbon that do not fit in the baskets. This is pretty disappointing, but I'm making it work. 

Lastly, I couldn't fit any of my boxes in the rack. I guess I have too many gift bags ha!

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