Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a little catch up

I've become quite negligent about documenting our everyday happenings it seems. I've always wanted my blog to be a daily journal, but it's so easy to completely forget about it.

Quinn has certainly kept us busy. He is so close to walking now. He'll take about 5 or 6 steps towards you before becoming so exciting he just falls into your arms. As soon as he learns that walking can be faster than crawling {and running can be faster than walking}, I'm sure he'll take off.

Quinn has started saying mama! He's said it before, but it's usually when he's upset and crying. I'm so happy I was able to catch it on video. In the morning when the hubs goes into his nursery I can here him telling Quinn, "say mama!" and most times he responds with an excited "dada!" Ha! Before I know it he'll be calling out mama non-stop and I'll be threatening to change my name.

Quinn pretty much has full run of the living room these days. He has a toy box full of toys and there is a cabinet filled to the brim as well. Where does he like to play? Wedged in between the rocker and the table ha. Before I had stacked toys on top of the lego table {behind him}, he would crawl on top of the lego table to get up onto the side table. We are in trouble with this one.

He's become quite good at cruising. This foot stool gives him a good giggle because it moves as he is trying to walk around it.

Teething has been rough for what seems like weeks on end. I knew one of his top teeth was coming in, but last night after his bath I was able to pin him down and take a peek. Four top teeth are all coming in at the same time! I can't even imagine how that must feel. Some nights he wakes up crying and thrashing around and it just breaks my heart. The top picture was from a night where all I could get him to eat were goldfish and ginger snaps. The hard/crunchy food must have felt good on his gums.

You might have seen pictures of Quinn with an eye patch on. We've been patching one of his eyes for an hour at night to help strengthen the other eye. We had a check up with his pediatric ophthalmologist last week and good news, it's working! He said he noticed great improvement. We are still doing the patch, but only for 30 minutes a day. I'm praying that this keeps working and we don't have to put him in glasses. Could you imagine trying to keep glasses on a 15-month-old?

This past weekend I went to a huge kids' consignment sale in Greenville. After sitting in his car seat and then sitting in his stroller, monkey man was ready to move! I took him to the play area at the mall and he just loved it. At one point this little girl kept following him around and blocking his path. It made me giggle because he looked so confused as to why she kept trying to play with him.

I believe that's enough randomness for one post!

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