Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November 27th

Yes - Danny and I were the "crazies" that set the alarm for 4 am to go shopping on Black Friday. It was my first black friday shopping experience and it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. Maybe it's the economy, maybe people just always over-exaggerate. Anyway, we went and it was fun.

Since I've been drawing a huge blank on what to get Danny for Christmas I put the offer on the table to go get the flat screen tv he has been wanting for the living room. We found a 32" at Best Buy for $300. We also got a bunch of movies for $4 and some Christmas presents for family and friends. We ended the shopping trip with the purchase of our two Christmas trees.

By the time we hit snooze, showered, and actually got out the door this was our start time

notice the monster jug of coffee in my hand


end time

our trees!

When we got back to the house I was completely ready to crash. Four hours of sleep just wasn't going to do it for me. Danny (of course) had to move all the tvs around to put the new one in its new home. Once everything was settled we both took a nice long nap.

After a little rest we went to get my parents' dogs, BJ and Sam, who were spending the weekend with us while my parents went out of town. I love those dogs but boy are they stubborn. We played musical beds about a million times and BJ refused to eat the entire time he was at our house.

all three amigos




the boys

Later that night I started decorating the trees but I'll do a separate post on all of that jazz.

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