Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th

Mrs. B: How's the diet/working out routine going?
Me: Umm it's not...cause I haven't started. Lame I know. I have no excuses, just shame...

Ugh...another reminder that I have no will power at all. I want to be skinny, I really do (who doesn't), but I'm totally lame and don't stick to anything. I have tons of workout DVDs and videos (yeah I started this BS a while ago), a yoga mat, the Windsor pilates ring, an exercise bike, wii fit, and the like. I've joined gyms,, and asked friends and family for advice. No progress. In fact I just keep gaining weight.

When will I actually commit?!? Perhaps tonight...

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  1. Good luck! My husband makes me work out with him. I do find that it helps me sleep better so I drag myself a long with him.