Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th

I've been in a Ryder truck for almost five hours now and I'm starting to get annoyed. The hubs and I are driving the equipment truck for Tiger Band down to Tampa for the ACC Championship game. While Tiger Band got to fly on two chartered planes just for them (ugh hate you) we get to drive the 3,273,597 hours (and when I say 3,273,597 hours I mean 10).

We left last night after I got off work and drove up to Clemson where we had to crash the band banquet (insert awkward moment where every girl is in a cocktail dress and I'm in jeans and a turtle neck) to get the keys for the truck and gas money from Dr. Spede. We stopped at Danny's sisters house to drop off my car and talk with Kathy and see bug (my niece Ashley -- I've been calling her bug since she was three. I have no idea why).

After a stop at Walmart we were on the road around 10:30ish. We drove (and when I say we I mean the hubs) to Macon, GA and arrived at a hotel at 2 in the morning. Looks like Danny working nights has paid off because his clock was already set to be up late at night. Mine on the other hand was not. I had passed out, sorta, for maybe an hour in the truck but as soon as I hit the bed I was a gonner.

Today we got back on the road and we've been driving since. Luckily I'm married to a technology wizard of awesomeness because I've been able to play on the computer with internet access the entire time. Love you hubby!

Since we're in a Ryder truck we have to stop for gas at truck stops because 1) we need diesel and 2) high speed pumps are necessary unless you want to pump gas for the next four hours. While there are lots of truck stops they're not exactly every five miles like regular gas stations. As Danny begins to realize we need gas this is what happened:

Hubs: We need gas. Google the nearest Pilot sweets.

Me: *searches* Nearest one is 50 miles away.

Hubs: Ok try Travel Center.

Me: *searches* It's behind us.

Hubs: Damn, try Wilco.

Me: *searches* Doesn't exist in Florida.

I end up putting the address for the Pilot into the GPS. Once I finish I see a rest stop.

Me: How about we stop at the rest area and see if there is any info?

Hubs: Nah they'll only have hotels and restaurant coupons probably.

Me: *pause* Ugh fine be a boy and don't ask for directions.

Hubs: Ok, I won't. *smiles*

I need to get out of this truck...

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  1. Hope you enjoy our city. Try to ignore the crazy amount of trashy strip clubs surrounding the stadium. Ah ha ha