Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 5th

Text proof of my maturity:

C: haha :)

Me: eff you c! you were a tiger fan before you went to that hell hole so shove it up your a! what championship game did you play at?? NOTHING!

C: haha we still beat you showing that the acc sucks

Me: don't talk to me!!!!!!!!!!

A few things to note:
1) we had just lost the game and I was bumming...not good timing on his part
2) he's a freshman - what does he know about college football at this point
3) he goes to USC, Clemson's rival, who we also lost to this year
4) he likes to think he knows everything and I like to prove him wrong, therefore, we fight, often

Some random facts for your viewing pleasure:
Clemson conference titles: 19
USC conference titles: 1
Clemson bowl game appearances: 32
USC bowl game appearances: 14
Clemson all time record: 625-426-45
USC all time record: 534-535-44
Clemson wins over USC: 65
USC wins over Clemson: 38

Just saying...

**edited by request to keep other person annoymous

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