Friday, August 15, 2014

well hello there

Anyone still here? No? So it's been almost a year since I blogged and well, life man. It gets in the way. Instead of writing about it I was just out doing it. I've thought about coming back before, but then the gap in time just seemed too big so I'd let some more time pass by.

My friend Meg wrote about how she missed reading about everyone's lives. I miss it too. Instagram is too easy to do instead. You just let the pictures do all the talking, but sometimes the words are the best part. So I'm going to just hop back into it. I might backfill in some posts, but who knows.

Bubs is quite the ham these days. Thank goodness he loves taking pictures, because I certainly like snapping as many as possible of him. When I tell him "let's go take your picture" he immediately runs to the front sidewalk and starts hamming it up.

I made us matching lime green monogram anchor shirts the other day because, well, why not. Who needs a girl to be matchy with? This mama does it with her boy!

Quinn thought it was great. He exclaimed, "Mama, you have a geen shirt like me!" (We're working on that R in green, but honestly I love when he says "geen" and "lellow")

We're deep into the "let me do it!" phase as well. He wanted to press the white button on my phone to take the picture. Such a smart cookie…it's terrifying.

I'm already trying to think of more matching appliqué ideas. I see Minnie and Mickey in our future for sure!

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