Wednesday, August 20, 2014

bathroom remodel: phase one

So when we bought our house I knew the main bathroom was going to need some love and attention. I mean y'all, it was yellow-green baby food color. Ick. We avoided doing anything in there because we knew it was going to be a beast, and a beast it was. 

It all started back in May when I wanted the hubs to paint the guest room. Our house has an intercom system that doesn't work, so hubs has been removing the boxes from the walls and patching the holes. He removed the box in the guest room and thought "might as well do the bathroom one too." That turned into "well if we're going to be patching holes, might as well remove the toothbrush holder/soap dish/toilet paper holder/towel bar that's in the wall", which led to "well we want to remove the mirror and light fixture and make it two mirrors and two lights fixtures", and then "we need to change out the light fixture and fan in the ceiling" and OMG Y'ALL my bathroom was a wreck!

Here's the one before picture I could find on my phone. It ain't pretty. Not only is the wall color atrocious, but the paint job itself was just as bad. One coat with brush strokes everywhere. Ugh. Hubs had to sand the entire bathroom.

Fast forward to last weekend and hubs was finally able to prime everything. Good golly Kilz stinks! It filled up the whole house and gave me a major headache. I don't know how he could stand it actually being in the room and painting. I helped paint the trim and hubs did the rest. God bless him because I stink at it. 

Last night we were able to hang everything up. New mirrors, new light fixtures, new towel bars, new toilet paper holder, and best of all NO MORE BABY FOOD COLORED WALLS!

They grey is perfect…after I went back to Lowe's and had it re-tinted. I picked a shade that was too light and looked white, so we went for one shade darker and I love it. It compliments the blue-grey tile perfectly. 

Bathrooms are expensive though! Everything added up quickly. I found the mirrors at Homegoods for only $40 a piece. Such a steal since everything else I liked seemed to start at $100 a piece.

The bathroom feels much more soothing now with all of the cool tone colors. I plan on hanging some navy curtains as soon as I buy a curtain rod this afternoon. We're taking a break from the remodel for now, but we're definitely not done. 

Phase two includes a new tile floor, a new countertop/cabinet base, and adding a second sink. This second part is going to really add up so we need to save some pennies first. For now, I'm as happy as a clam!

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