Friday, August 29, 2014

wait, you sew?

I tend to get a few baffled looks when I tell people I sew. It's not exactly a popular craft with today's generation, but it should be! I think being able to sew is a great talent! It's one of those basic life skills that everyone should know how to do. But that's just me.

I started sewing maybe about 5 years ago. It didn't take me long to get completely hooked. Now I have a fabric stash that fills up an entire 6 drawer dresser. Oops. I definitely go on binges where I want to sew all day, every day, and then I get distracted and I don't sew again for months.

We had family beach pictures taken while in Hilton Head last month and of course I got it into my head that the kids NEEDED matching outfits. I know, I know. I'm completely crazy…especially since I gave myself approximately one week to complete the task. Ha! It was so worth it though. They turned out adorable.

Quinn had a blue seersucker jon-jon with his monogram

Eric had blue seersucker shorts paired with a monogrammed white polo

Ashley had a blue seersucker dress with white rose trim and her monogram on the bottom skirt

We haven't gotten all of the pictures back yet, but this is the teaser Erica posted and look at that cuteness!

Bubs is fast approaching the "too old for smocking" age (wahhhh) so I've been shifting his wardrobe to appliqué tees with matching shorts. He has about 6 different sets right now and I have no plans to stop.

The apple set is the latest in his collection. We are going to the apple festival in Hendersonville tomorrow, so he needed an appropriate outfit. I'm wishing I would have added a leaf next to the stem now that I'm looking at it.

I had sent the hubs out to get me some plain white tshirts and some white lining material and he sent me this picture from the store, ha. He embraces my sewing craziness as long as I make some things that he likes too. This will be the next set I make for Quinn, camo shorts with a big camo tiger paw on a white tee!

I'm mildly obsessed with appliqué for myself too. I had designed this whale for a set for Quinn, but thought it would be cute for me. Then I posted it on Facebook and friends wanted it too. It has spiraled into me making several designs and selling them on my Facebook page, Southern Sass Sweetie. (shameless plug)

My friend Jess is taking her son to Disney this fall and requested mama-son coordinating shirts. They turned out pretty adorable. Quinn is having a Mickey Mouse birthday party this year, so I just might need to make us some coordinating shirts too.

Of course this has been my biggest seller. Purple, orange, tiger paw, polka dots, and a monogram = all my favorite things! It's been really fun to see the girls who ordered them post pictures on FB and tag me in them. It makes my heart happy to see others enjoying my creations. (If you're reading this and got a shirt from me, tag me in a pic!)

You know how they say exercising releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy (and happy people just don't shoot their husbands…name that movie), well sewing does that for me. I'll admit it. I am so proud when someone compliments me on something and I get to say, "I made it!"

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