Friday, August 22, 2014

cursed car, mickey mouse, & elton john

How's that for a blog title? I truly believe the back bumper of my car is cursed. I've replaced it 4 times now with some dings in between the big dents. About a month ago someone backed into me in the parking garage, but they were nice enough to leave a note and their insurance paid for a new bumper.

A week ago, we had gone out to dinner after work on Friday and hubs noticed there was a small scratch in the middle with some purple paint left behind. Wouldn't you know, the next Monday I noticed that a purple car always parks right across from me. Major side eye to you Mr. Purple who didn't leave a note.

Wednesday I went to go run errands during my lunch and found this. Ugh! Someone swiped my car and just kept on going. I don't know why I have such bad car karma. I think the bumper needs to have a scratch on it at all times.

So while I was out I did a little retail therapy. I had seen the Too Faced Country palette advertised in the Ulta mailer and could not stop thinking about it. The car ding is just what I needed to push me over the edge and I made that pretty palette mine. I've used it twice now and love the colors. They go really well with my brown eyes and how cute are the color names?!

Later that night, hubs walked through the door and handed me these pretties. Cute little pink flowers can always put a smile on my face.

Oh my Mickey loving boy. The other morning he told me he wanted to have his picture taken with his big Mickey, lovies, and passy. How could I saw no to that? We have a smaller, more portable Mickey, but the big guy is what he wants to tote around lately.

Bubs has been taking him in the car for the ride to daycare. Yesterday morning he told me "Mama, he's my best friend!" Love it. I've also got him trained now to say "cheeseburger" and smile whenever I hold up a camera/phone.

When I went to pick Quinn up from daycare, I somehow brought home a little baby Elton John. HA! One of his teachers had given him these sunglasses and they crack me up.

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