Tuesday, August 26, 2014

all aboard!

This past Saturday we celebrated my nephew turning six! He had a train themed birthday party at the Miniature World of Trains in downtown Greenville. To prepare for the party that afternoon, bubs requested that we play with his "big choo choo."

His "big choo choo" is the GeoTrax train from Fisher Price and he loves it! I've mentioned this train before, but it really is pretty awesome for his age. The track is easy for him to snap together and he loves the remote controlled engine.

Quinn played with the train all morning long and I only had to be about 30% involved, ha! I was able to sit and sip on my coffee as he adjusted how many cars the engine pulled around the track.

I love a toy that let's him play on his own without getting frustrated. I'd say we could add more, but the boy already has a whole laundry basket full of track, cars, and bridges!

Baby Elton John made an appearance on the ride to Greenville. Those bright green sunglasses just crack me up. He loves them.

We were a bit late on our arrival because hubs' truck decided to break down on the way home from the dump. Luckily he managed to limp it home, but we arrived just in time to see Eric open his presents.

I was the boring Aunt this year who gave him clothes, but Grandma gave him a train set. All the little boys, Quinn included, were ooohhhh'ing and ahhhh'ing over that one.

There was a monster of a mountain built in the center of the room with trains running around, up and down, and through. It was very impressive. You could walk completely around the mountain and take it all in.

I'm not sure who enjoyed the trains more, hubs or bubs haha.

Right before we left, they turned the lights into night mode. That was even more impressive. The buildings and trains all lit up. There were light up signs on the stores and glowing cabins in the mountains. Very cool.

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