Monday, August 18, 2014

big boy bed

When we were at the beach this past month, we came to the realization that Quinn was too big for his pack n play. The poor thing couldn't stretch out in it and after waking up from a nap crying, we decided to give a big bed a go. The condo we were staying in happened to have a toddler railing, so we set it up and he did wonderfully. Once we were back home, bubs immediately asked for a big boy bed in his room, ha! It wasn't exactly part of the plan, but we already had furniture for him stored at hubs' parents' house so we went and picked it up. 

While the furniture is in great condition, it wasn't exactly what I envisioned for the big boy room, so bubs had to wait a couple more weeks while I painted the bed. I told him Friday morning it was all ready and he would get to sleep in his big boy bed that night. He was pumped!

He was so excited I could not get him to sit still and smile for a picture. He wanted to check it all out and make sure all of his friends were accounted for.

And of course there had to be some wrestling with daddy to really start off the big boy status. Lots of giggles.

His new quilt came in the mail Saturday evening, so it was washed and added to the bed Sunday morning. He loves his anchor sheets and new blankie, as he calls it. He did so well sleeping in it too! I was worried he would get out of bed on his own about a million times, but he didn't. Not even once! He did so well each night and each nap. I'm very proud of my big boy.

The hubs was finally able to prime our bathroom on Saturday, so Quinn and I headed to the park. It was operation wear him out so he would take a good nap. I'd say we were quite successful.

He loves being able to go down the slides all by himself. He kept shouting, "watch mama!" and it made my day. He also shared his chalk with another little boy (after a bit of coaxing haha).

I was embroidering some shirts when little man woke up and of course he wanted to see what I was doing. It didn't last long though. He sat in my lap for about two minutes and then promptly raced off to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I could hear him singing the theme song down the hallway. Adorable.

I've started making different appliqué designs and selling the shirts through my Facebook page. So far it's been a lot of fun. The only problem is that I pretty much want to make one of each for myself too ha.

This morning I went to get Quinn ready for daycare and he was still out cold. He had wriggled himself underneath his new quilt and he looked so precious. The hidden bonus to the big boy bed would have to be that he looks so tiny in that big bed. He still looks like my little angel baby.

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