Monday, April 1, 2013

rsv and the easter bunny

The two weeks leading up to Easter weekend, the hubs was out of town. He had to go to Boston for another one of his training classes so that meant the kid and I were on our own. Luckily as he's gotten older we've settled into a great routine. I can handle him on my own most nights but it's also nice to have a little help here and there.

My mom came to visit a couple of days the first week, but couldn't make it the second week. It was great while she was here though. She kept Quinn out of daycare for a full day and they had lots of one on one time.

These are blurry because my camera was on the wrong setting, but they are still really cute! (I've been trying to start using my nice camera instead of only my phone all the time.)

The Monday before Easter, Quinn started to sound a little sick. It seemed like one of his normal winter colds - runny nose, congested, cranky, but by Wednesday I became really concerned. He was panting really hard and I did what you're not supposed to do, I googled. Of course I freaked myself out and ended up facetiming with my mom to see what she thought. We decided he didn't need to be rushed to the ER (google said to call 911), but he needed to go to the doctor's in the morning.

Thursday we ended up spending the better part of 3 hours hanging around the doctor's office. Quinn was diagnosed with RSV so we gave him a breathing treatment and some prednisone to help with his panting. We also went next door for a chest x-ray to make sure he didn't have pneumonia as well (he didn't, thank God). The doctor almost sent us to the hospital for an overnight stay, but luckily the prednisone helped enough that she felt ok letting us go home.

The worst of it had to be that I didn't think we would be there that long, so I didn't pack any snacks. Quinn kept coming up to me saying, "Eat! Eat! Eat! Nack? Nack?" I felt terrible! On the way home, we stopped by Chick-fil-a for lunch. Poor thing was so tired at that point he just wanted to sleep.

We did more breathing treatments at home, every four hours, and by the time Sunday came he was in much better spirits. We did have to skip the egg hunt at the church on Saturday. I didn't want to derail his progress and I definitely didn't want any other babies to catch his RSV. Next year he will understand the egg hunt even more, so it will be that much more fun!

The Easter bunny brought him so many fun goodies. He was definitely spoiled with a total of 4 different baskets! One at our house, one at Memere and Grandpa's, one at Grandma and Papa Gil's, and another at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Kevin's.

My family came to our house for a relaxed lunch and stayed until about 4 o'clock. I had made a casserole the night before so it was easy to just pop it into the oven. Around 5 o'clock we headed to Greenville to have dinner with the hubs family. After dinner I was trying to wrangle the boy into his jam jams but he was having so much fun running around in his undershirt. Of course I completely forgot about taking pictures the entire day except for this.

I hope your Easter was as blessed as ours was!

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