Sunday, March 17, 2013

neil pops the questions

I love love! I also love being a part of my friend's love story, so when Neil came to us with a plan I was so thrilled to be included.

Our friend Neil had decided it was time to pop the question to his girlfriend Megan. He had purchased the ring and decided the when and where. He wanted the hubs and I there, hiding in the bushes, to capture the moment.

It might have been a little weird creeping in the brush trying to find the best angle, but it sure makes for some great pictures and a fun story! Neil took Megan on a tour of Clemson's campus with the end goal being to end up walking down the President's walk. He would tell her the legend of how couples who strolled down the path holding hands were destined to become married and stay together forever.

At the end of the path, and the end of the story, he knelt down and asked her the famous question, "Will you marry me?"

Unfortunately I was positioned where a gazebo was in my way, but the hubs was on the other side. He was able to get some great shots of the actual down-on-one-knee-proposal.

So excited for these two! I can't wait to celebrate and take more pictures on their wedding day.

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