Friday, March 15, 2013

five friday confessions

  • I'm still wearing my Christmas pjs in March. Not sure I'll ever stop because they are *that* comfortable.

  • Every time I have a super weird dream I get scared that I might be prego {for the record, I'm not}.
  • Last weekend reinforced the fact that I am a huge homebody now. We went out Saturday night to celebrate a friend's 30th. I made the hubs stop to get me coffee at 5 o'clock and I was still ready for bed at 11 ha! I did make it until midnight but then I had to be the party pooper and say it was time to go home. 
  • I've never had a macaroon but I keep seeing all these pictures of them on twitter and instagram and they look so pretty and delicious.
  • For the longest time I was not ok with my baby boy walking, but now I'm just so proud of him!

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