Thursday, August 16, 2012

thankful thursday

I'm not even sure I can explain how thankful I am for my mom, but I'm going to try.

{Mom, go ahead a grab some tissues because I'm sure this will make you cry even though that's not my intent}

The hubs is traveling {again..ugh} for his job this week. He was gone two weeks ago and he'll be gone two weeks from now. To say this is bad timing would be an understatement. After working all day, getting the baby fed and put down, feeding myself, and preparing for the next day I take a look at all the boxes, sigh a big sigh, and go to bed.

Enter mama to the rescue!

My mom has come and stayed with me during both weeks the hubs has been gone. This has been beyond wonderful. Not only do I have someone at the house with me in the evenings, but she also has been unpacking for me while I'm at work. She unpacks, cleans, and organizes until about 3:30pm then gets the baby from daycare. I come home to less of a disaster and a very happy little boy.

I think it's safe to say Quinn has really enjoyed spending time with his Memere as well. He just lights up when he sees her and starts bouncing. It makes me so happy to see them play together.

They play hard together and then snuggle. So adorable!

What are you thankful for?

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